License License

Documents without restrictions

All files in the main directory, except, and all files in the following subdirectories may be used without restriction.

BooksIndividual Tanach books with XML markup.
DHMarking files for the Documentary Hypothesis.
JavaJava source and class files.
ODTFilesTanach books as zipped archives of ODT files.
PagesInformative pages.
PDFFilesIndividual Tanach books as PDF files and zipped archives of PDF files.
SupplementsSupplemental information.
TextFilesTanach books as zipped archives of text files.

Screen shots of displayed text may be made and highlighted text may be copied and pasted without restriction.

Documents with restrictions

The XSL transformation files in the XSL subdirectory and the JavaScript files in the Javascript subdirectory are licensed under a Creative Commons License 3.0 (Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported) and are copyrighted ©2009 by:

This includes the text, XSL templates, JavaScript functions, and the look-and-feel embodied in the transformation software. Commercial use of files in the XSL and Javascript subdirectories is not permitted.
Files in the cgi-bin, Fonts, Images, and WEB-INF subdirectories may be subject to restrictions by other parties.
The contents of the zipped archive are subject to the above restrictions.
Files in the PreviousVersions subdirectory are subject to the restrictions described in their License.html file.

Creative Commons license information 25.2